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Title: Energy-resolved neutron imaging for reconstruction of strain introduced by cold working
Authors: Tremsin, AS
Kockelmann, W
Kelleher, JF
Paradowska, AM
Ramadhan, RS
Fitzpatrick, ME
Keywords: Residual stresses
Mechanical properties
Neutron diffraction
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2018
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Tremsin, A. S., Kockelmann, W., Kelleher, J. F., Paradowska, A. M., Ramadhan, R. S., & Fitzpatrick, M. E. (2018). Energy-resolved neutron imaging for reconstruction of strain introduced by cold working. Journal of Imaging, 4(3), 48. doi:10.3390/jimaging4030048
Abstract: Energy-resolved neutron transmission imaging is used to reconstruct maps of residual strains in drilled and cold-expanded holes in 5-mm and 6.4-mm-thick aluminum plates. The possibility of measuring the positions of Bragg edges in the transmission spectrum in each 55 × 55 µm2 pixel is utilized in the reconstruction of the strain distribution within the entire imaged area of the sample, all from a single measurement. Although the reconstructed strain is averaged through the sample thickness, this technique reveals strain asymmetries within the sample and thus provides information complementary to other well-established non-destructive testing methods. © 1996-2021 MDPI
ISSN: 2313-433X
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