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Title: Residual stress and critical crack size before and after post-weld heat-treatment
Authors: Law, M
Paradowska, AM
Hoye, N
Grace, P
Keywords: Welding
Residual stresses
Structure factors
Issue Date: 3-Jul-2016
Publisher: Materials Research Forum LLC
Citation: Law, M., Paradowska, A., Hoye, N., & Grace. P. Residual stress and critical crack size before and after post-weld heat-treatment. Paper presented to the 10th International Conference on Residual Stresses (ICRS 10), Sydney, Australia, 3-7 July, 2016. In T. M. Holden, T. M., O. Muránsky, & L. Edwards (Eds) (2017). Residual stresses ICRS-10. Millersville, USA: Materials Research Forum LLC. doi:10.21741/9781945291173-102
Abstract: Post-weld heat-treatment (PWHT) is performed to reduce residual stress, but is not always possible to perform. The residual stresses on a thick section weld on a gas pipeline were determined before and after PWHT to assess residual stress and critical defect sizes. © The Authors
ISBN: 9781945291173
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