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Title: Residual stress in metal-matrix composite cylinder measured by neutron diffraction and contour method
Authors: Luzin, V
Thorogood, KJ
Griffiths, JR
Davidson, CJ
Finlayson, TR
Keywords: Residual stresses
Neutron diffraction
Composite materials
Corrosion resistance
Issue Date: 3-Jul-2016
Publisher: Materials Research Forum LLC
Citation: Luzin, A., Thorogood, K., Griffiths, J. R., Davidson, C. J., & Finlayson, T. R. (2016). Residual stress in metal-matrix composite cylinder measured by neutron diffraction and contour method. Paper presented to the 10th International Conference on Residual Stresses (ICRS 10), Sydney, Australia, 3-7 July, 2016. In T. M. Holden, T. M., O. Muránsky, & L. Edwards (Eds) (2017). Residual stresses ICRS-10. Millersville, USA: Materials Research Forum LLC. doi:10.21741/9781945291173-68
Abstract: A cylindrical sample, 14.8 mm in diameter, was machined from an Al-Mg-Si casting and then heat-treated. For the purposes of this research, the casting can be regarded as a two-phase composite of aluminium and 6 vol.% of near-spherical Si particles ~3 μm in diameter. Residual stresses in the cylinder are (i) long-range macrostresses resulting from the transient temperature gradients formed during heat-treatment, and (ii) short-range microstresses resulting from differences in the coefficients of thermal expansion between Al and Si. Neutron diffraction has been used to measure the stress tensors in each phase of the composite as a function of radial position with 2 mm spatial resolution and the microstress and macrostress components have been successfully separated. The contour method was applied to measure the axial component of the macrostress and the results are in good agreement with the neutron diffraction data. © The Authors
ISBN: 978-1-94529117-3
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