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Title: Women in Nuclear (WiN)
Authors: Lackenby, J
Keywords: Women
Issue Date: 27-Sep-2019
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Citation: Lackenby, J. (2019). Women in Nuclear (WiN). Presentation to the ANA 2019 Conference, Friday 27 September 2019, Ultimo, NSW.
Abstract: Women in Nuclear (WiN) Global is a not for profit association of women and individuals of other genders who work professionally in various fields of nuclear technology and radiological applications. WiN has over 35,000 members from 110 countries. One of the aims of WiN is to promote understanding and public awareness of the benefits of peaceful nuclear and radiological applications, especially among women and young people. 22 ANA2019 Conference, Ultimo, NSW, 27 September 2019 WiN Australia Inc. is the Australian chapter of WiN Global. Membership of WiN Australia includes individuals working professionally in many areas including research, nuclear operations, security, medicine and health care, waste management, regulatory authorities, mining, nuclear and radiation safety, industry, policy and communications. As a body of professionals, WiN Australia is able to inform the nuclear conversation through expertise and neutrality rather than lobbying. The presentation will provide a brief overview of the mission of WiN and the importance of diversity in the nuclear workforce and in communicating the benefits of peaceful nuclear technologies. In line with the conference theme of “Nuclear for a Low Carbon Future”, WiN’s outlook on nuclear energy and climate change will be discussed. The presentation will conclude with a summary of recent WiN Australia activities.
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