The recent progress of polarized neutron scattering techniques at SIKA

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Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
SIKA, the cold-neutron triple-axis spectrometer is on the CG4 beam port at the OPAL reactor, ACNS, ANSTO. We have reported the capabilities and status of SIKA in the last several user's meetings. In this meeting, we discuss the recent development of polarized neutron scattering experiments on SIKA. A 3He polarization analysis system is available for SIKA. We have performed several user experiments and commissioning experiments in the last two years. We would like to present some results by introducing the techniques we are trying to implement. In addition, we discuss our plan for the polarized neutron scattering experiment on the SIKA. © The Authors
Neutron beams, OPAL Reactor, ANSTO, Measuring instruments, Commissioning, Scattering, Neutron spectrometers
Yano, S., Deng., G., Rule. K., de Souza, N., Manning, A., Peng, H., & We, C.-M. (2021). The recent progress of polarized neutron scattering techniques at SIKA. Presentation to the ANSTO User Meeting, 24-26 November 2021, Online. Retrieved from: