The science and engineering of HIFAR safety

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Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Since the HIFAR Safety Document was first issued major improvements have occurred in the quality of data and in the methods of calculation which are available for deterministic analysis of the behaviour of the reactor in normal or in accident conditions. Many such analyses have been carried out but the results have been reported in a wide range of internal memoranda and in external reports. In this report the most significant of the improved methods are described and the results of some of those analyses are reviewed. Principal areas covered are reactor physics of the core and reflector the dynamics of the control systems thermal hydraulic aspects important to safety margins and the emergency core cooling system. Abnormal events discussed are inadvertent reactivity insertion sequences and the loss of coolant accident. Where possible consistent sets of data are provided for use in future analyses.
HIFAR Reactor, Reactor control systems, Safety engineering, Data analysis
Connolly, J. E., Clancy, B.E., Beattie, D. R. H., Robinson, G. S., Godfrey, R. M., & Harrington, B. V. (1993). The science and engineering of HIFAR safety (ANSTO/E711). Lucus Heights, N.S.W.: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Lucus Heights Research Laboratories.