Multiple patient batch production of 195mPt cisplatin and 195mPt carboplatin for use in drug risk assessment and optimisation of patient dose

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Platinum chemotherapeutics are used extensively as a first line treatment in over 28% of all cancers and widely as a second line treatment in combination with biological markers such as Herceptin. Over 20% of patients will experience maximum tolerate dose and significant side effects because dosage is often estimated using unreliable and indirect methods such as surface area and glomerular filtration rates. We are interested in providing a molecular imaging tool that allows the physician to screen a patient, monitor response and drug resistance and to personalise treatment regimes in order to reduce side effects. The ability to produce platinum radiopharmaceuticals commercially has been limited by long and unreliable synthetic processes. We have developed patent technology for the production of reactor base platinum radiopharmaceuticals, such as 195mPt-cisplatin and 195mPt-carboplatin. This study reports the neutron activation of 194platinum target material in the new research reactor OPAL and validation of the production of multiple (five) patient batches for both 195mcisplatin and 195mcarbplatin. Yields were 53±3% and 29±4%, respectively, with specific activities of up to 8MBq/mg. Production times were dramatically reduced from up to 24 h to less than 3 h using the new process.© 2010, Elsevier Ltd.
Patients, Neoplasms, Filtration, Human populations, Monitoring, Tolerance
Perkins, G., & Smith, S.V. (2010). Multiple patient batch production of 195mpt cisplatin and 195mpt carboplatin for use in drug risk assessment and optimisation of patient dose. Nuclear Medicine and Biology, 37(6), 726. doi:10.1016/j.nucmedbio.2010.04.145