New perovskite-related structure family of oxide-ion conducting materials NdBaInO4

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ACS Publications
Oxide-ion conducting ceramic materials, which include pure oxide-ion conductors and mixed oxide-ion and electronic or hole conductors, have received considerable attention because of their potential application for oxygen separation membranes, oxygen sensors, and solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) electrolytes and cathodes.1 Perovskite-type and perovskite-related materials have been widely investigated as oxide-ion conductors.2 For example, the K2NiF4-type compounds are known to exhibit high oxide-ion conductivity.3 Because the oxide-ion conductivity is strongly dependent on crystal structure, it is necessary to design and synthesize novel materials belonging to a new structure family for further innovative developments of the oxide-ion conductors. Herein, we report a new perovskite-related structure family with AA′BO4 composition, which exhibits oxide-ion conduction. Here, A and A′ are relatively larger cations and B is a smaller cation. In this work we have succeeded in solving the crystal structure of NdBaInO4 and show oxide-ion conduction in NdBaInO4. © 2014, American Chemical Society.
Oxides, Ceramics, Oxygen, Perovskites, Ions, Electrolytes
Fujii, K., Esaki, Y., Omoto, K., Yashima, M., Hoshikawa, A., Ishigaki, T., & Hester, J. R. (2014). New perovskite-related structure family of oxide-ion conducting materials NdBaInO4. Chemistry of Materials, 26(8), 2488-2491. doi:10.1021/cm500776x