Evolution with applied field of the magnetic structure of TbNiAl4

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Neutron powder diffraction data of TbNiAl4 has been re-examined using a representational analysis, allowing a new model of the magnetic structure to be deduced. The basis vectors obtained describe an ‘elliptical helix’ type structure in which the moments rotate in the ab-plane as one moves along the c-axis. This new model has been used to simulate the expected result of a Low Temperature Nuclear Orientation (LTNO) experiment involving 299 keV gamma-ray emission from the 160Dy daughter of aligned 160Tb nuclei. Results of the simulation along the a-axis appear to partly match currently existing experimental data, with good agreement in the magnitude of lost anisotropy. © 2014, Springer International Publishing.
Neutrons, Magnetism, Temperature range, Data, Anisotropy, Nonunitary representations
White, R., Hutchison, W. D., Goossens, D. J., Studer, A. J., & Nishimura, K. (2015). Evolution with applied field of the magnetic structure of TbNiAl4. Hyperfine Interactions, 231(1-3), 85-93. doi:10.1007/s10751-014-1103-y