Stress distribution in iron powder during die compaction

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Trans Tech Publications Ltd
The unique and unusual state of matter represented by granular materials has historically made it very difficult to develop models of stress distributions and was previously not able to be explored experimentally in the required detail. This paper reports the application of the neutron diffraction strain scanning method, originally developed for residual stress measurements within engineering components, to the problem of the stress distribution in granular Fe under a consolidating pressure. Strains were measured in axial, radial, circumferential and an oblique direction using the neutron strain scanning diffractometer KOWARI at ANSTO (Sydney). The full stress tensor as a function of position was able to be extracted for both straight walled, converging and stepped dies. © 2014, Trans Tech Publications.
Granular materials, Neutron diffraction, Strains, Stress analysis, ANSTO, Residual stresses
Kisi, E. H., Wensrich, C. M., Luzin, V., & Kirstein, O. (2014). Stress distribution in iron powder during die compaction. Materials Science Forum, 777, 243-248 doi:10.4028/