Study of stresses in texture components using neutron diffraction

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Trans Tech Publications
In this work a new method for analysis of neutron diffraction results obtained during “in situ” tensile load is proposed and tested. The methodology is based on the measurements of lattice strains during “in situ” tensile test for several hkl reflections and for different orientations of the sample with respect to the scattering vector. As the result the full stress tensor for preferred texture orientations in function of applied stress can be determined with help of crystallite group method. The experimental data are presented and compared with self-consistent model calculations performed for groups of grains corresponding to the measured hkl reflections. © 2014, Trans Tech Publications.
Neutron diffraction, Stainless steels, Experimental data, Tensile properties, Austenite, Temperature measurement
Baczmański, A., Gadalińska, E., Wroński, S., Le Joncour, L., Panicaud, B., François, M., Braham, C., Klosek, V., & Paradowska, A. M. (2013). Study of Stresses in Texture Components Using Neutron Diffraction. Materials Science Forum, (768–769), 289–295. doi:10.4028/