Thermal expansion of solutions of deuteromethane in fullerite C60 at low temperatures. Isotopic effect

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American Institute of Physics
The thermal expansion of CD4 solutions in the orientational glass C60 with molar concentration of deuteromethane 20 and 50% has been investigated in the temperature range 2.5–23 K. The orientational glass CD4–C60 undergoes a first-order phase transition in the temperature interval 4.5–55 K. This transition is manifested as hysteresis of the linear thermal expansion coefficient α as well as maxima in the temperature dependences α(T) and τ1(T), where τ1 is the characteristic thermalization time of the experimental samples. The characteristic re-orientation times of the C60 molecules and the characteristic phase transformations occurring in the experimental solutions are determined. The results of the present study are compared with the results of a similar study of the solution CH4–C60. It is concluded that tunneling rotation of the CH4 and CD4 molecules occupying interstitial positions in the fullerite C60 lattice occurs. © 2009, American Institute of Physics
Thermal expansion, Cobalt 60, Glass, Phase transformations, Hysteresis, Cell differentiation
Dolbin, A. V., Vinnikov, N. A., Gavrilko, V. G., Esel'son, V. B., Manzheliĭ, V. G., Gadd, G. E., Morrica, S., Cassidey, D., & Sundqvist, B. (2009). Thermal expansion of solutions of deuteromethane in fullerite c-60 at low temperatures. Isotopic effect. Low Temperature Physics, 35(3), 226-231. doi:10.1063/1.3081155