Report on neutrons and food workshop

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Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Over 50 participants gathered at the Neutrons and Food workshop in Sydney, with greater than 60% coming from abroad: 18 from Europe, 10 from North America, 4 from New Zealand and 3 from Asia complementing 21 participants from Australia. Apart from presentations (10 invited talks, 13 short talks and 10 posters), the workshop provided a speed networking opportunity, a dinner cruise on Sydney harbour and a visit to ANSTO’s neutron scattering facilities at the conclusion of the meeting. There was ample opportunity for discussion; this resulted in a focus in four main areas: 1. model systems; 2. interaction between facility, academia and industry; 3. collaboration and outreach; and 4. access to large-scale facilities.
Neutrons, Food, Meetings, ANSTO, Communications, International cooperation
Buttner, H., & Gilbert. E. (2010). Report on neutrons and food workshop. Neutrons and Food, Sydney, Australia, 31 October - 3 November 2010, Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.