AUS diffusion neutronics module - POW3D : a mathematical description

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Australian Atomic Energy Commission
The mathematical and computational structure of POW3D, a general purpose zero, one, two and three-dimensional multigroup neutron diffusion code including feedback-free kinetics, is described. The code serves as a diffusion module for the AUS nuclear code system. During the production of this efficient nuclear code, a novel mathematical approach was developed to solve the large number of linear equations involved. A description is given of this technique, the method of implicit non-stationery iteration (MINI), and the way in which it is implemented in the code. The three-dimensional implementation of several other conventional approaches to the solution of the linear systems is also discussed.
Mathematical models, Diffusion, Neutrons, Three-dimensional calculations, Differential equations
Barry, J. M., Pollard, J. P. (1987). Aus diffusion neutronics module-pow3d a mathematical desscription revised July 1996 (AAEC/E612). Lucas Heights, N.S.W.: Research Establishment, Australian Atomic Energy Commission.