Environmental and effluent monitoring at Lucas Heights Research Laboratories, 1994

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Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Results are presented of environmental and effluent monitoring conducted in the vicinity of the Lucas Heights Research Laboratories (LHRL) during 1994. All low level liquid and gaseous effluent discharges complied with existing discharge authorisations and relevant environmental regulations. Potential effective doses to the general public from controlled airborne discharges during this period were estimated to be less than 0.015 mSv/year for receptor locations on the 1.6 km buffer zone boundary around HIFAR. This value represents 1.5% of the 1 mSv/ year dose limit for long term exposure that is recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council and 5 % of the site dose constraint of 0.3 mSv/year adopted by ANSTO.
ANSTO, Radioactive effluents, Water quality, Environmental impacts
Hoffman, E. L., Camilleri, A., Looze, T., & Farrar, Y. 1995). Environmental and effluent monitoring at lucas heights research laboratories, 1994 (ANSTO/E717). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.