POW3D - neutron diffusion module of the AUS system: a user's manual

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Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
POW3D is a three-dimensional neutron diffusion module of the AUS modular neutronics code system. It performs eigenvalue source of feedback-free kinetics calculations. The module includes general criticality search options and extensive editing facilities including perturbation calculations. Output options include flux or reaction rate plot files. The code permits selection from one of a variety of different solution methods (MINI ICCG or SLOR) for inner iterations with region re balance to enhance convergence. A MINI accelerated Gauss-Siedel method is used for upscatter iterations with group rebalance to enhance a convergence. Chebyshev source extrapolation is applied for outer iterations.
MOATA Reactor, Reactor kinetics, Computer calculations, Neutron diffusion equation
Harrington, B. V., Pollard, J. P., & Barry, J. M. (1996). Pow3d - neutron diffusion module of the aus system : a user's manual (ANSTO/E726). Lucas Heights, N.S.W.: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Lucas Heights Science and Technology Centre.