Complex magnetic incommensurability in multiferroic Co3TeO6

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International Conference on Neutron Scattering
Monoclinic cobalt tellurate Co3TeO6 has been characterized1-3 as a type-II multiferroic, where the order parameters of electrical polarization and spontaneous magnetization are closely coupled.4,5 In this study, polarized and unpolarized neutron diffractions have been carried out to investigate the nature of the magnetic structures and transitions in monoclinic Co3TeO6. As the temperature is lowered below TM1= 26 K long range order develops, which is fully incommensurate (ICM) in all three crystallographic directions in the crystal. Below TM2 = 19.5 K, additional commensurate magnetic peaks develop, consistent with the ?4 irreducible representation, along with a splitting of the ICM peaks along the h direction which indicates that there are two separate sets of magnetic modulation vectors. Below TM3 = 18 K, this small additional magnetic incommensurability disappears, ferroelectricity develops, a commensurate ?3 irreducible representation appears, and the k component of the ICM wave vector disappears. Below TM4= 15 K the k component of the ICM structure reappears, along with second-order ICM Bragg peaks, which polarized neutron data demonstrate are magnetic in origin.
Cobalt, Polarization, Magnetization, Bragg curve, Monoclinic lattices, Neutron diffraction
Lee, C.-H., Wang, C.-W., Zhao, Y., Li, W.-H., Lynn, J. W., Harris, A. B., Rule, K., Yang, H.-D., & Berger, H. (2017). Complex magnetic incommensurability in multiferroic Co3TeO6. Paper presented at ICNS 2017 (International Conference on Neutron Scattering), Daejeon, South Korea, 9 to 13 July 2017. Retrieved from: