The philosophy and practice of radioactive waste disposal

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Melbourne University Press on behalf of The Australian Atomic Energy Commission
This general review is largely concerned with the problems of disposing of the large amounts of highly-radioactive waste that will result from a large-scale nuclear power program employing fission reactors. The dangers of dilution-dispersal are outlined, and particular attention is drawn to the possibility of biological reconcentration of the dispersed radioactivity. The conclusion is reached that it is imperative to find some method of permanently storing the activity in a non-leochable solid form, if the fullest use is to be made of nuclear power production. At present the "temporary expedient" of tank storage in liquid form is the only practicable method, but by I965 other methods will have to be found.
Physical copies held by ANSTO Library at DDC: 539.7/348
Radioactive waste disposal, Nuclear power, Fission, Contamination, Dispersions, Spent fuel storage, Storage facilities, Hazards
Temple. R. B. (1958). The philosophy and practice of radioactive waste disposal. Paper present to the Australian Atomic Energy Symposium, 1958, "Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy In Australia", Sydney, June 2 to 6, 1958. In Australian Atomic Energy Symposium, 1958 : proceedings of a Symposium on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy in Australia held in Sydney from June 2 to 6, 1958. Carlton, Victoria : Melbourne University Press on behalf of the Australian Atomic Energy Commission, (pp. 429-434).