A peltier controlled sample changer for SANS

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Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering
A twelve position sample changer for SANS instruments at ACNS has been developed and will be available for users in the near future. The design philosophy for this project was to make the system as modular and scalable as possible with an emphasis on ease of use for the user and reduced background. The Peltier control system allows each sample to be controlled at different temperatures and allows the possibility of producing very fast temperature changes over a limited range. The system can be controlled via a local Watlow™ touchscreen and remotely via the SICS based neutron instrument control system used at ACNS. The liquid cooled heatsink for the Peltiers provides the support for the spring loaded sample holders, allowing rapid sample changes. The width of the sample changer has been reduced compared to the existing 20 position and with Borated aluminium shielding the background with blocked beam has been improved. The temperature sensors used are K-type thermocouples. Performance and stability tests will be presented. A design for uSANS is being developed.
Measuring instruments, Specifications, Temperature measurement, Control, Aluminium, Shielding, Performance testing
Lee, S., Booth, N., Imperia, P., & Davidson, G. (2016). A peltier controlled sample changer for SANS. Paper presented at 13th AINSE-ANBUG Neutron Scattering Symposium, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 29-30 November 2016.