Trials and tribulations of communicating ionising radiation to the public - 30 years of reflection

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Australiasian Radiation Protection Society
Thirty years working in the field of nuclear medicine, confronted with attitudes and beliefs of both fact and fiction regarding risks posed with radiation has been an interesting challenge. Communicating radiation risks, alleviating fear and the benefits of the field of nuclear medicine requires it to be related to a wide variety of public groups or persons for many different reasons, for example; Why nuclear medicine is a worthwhile procedure and we need a reactor in Australia Why do I need to be injected with a radioactive substance and how is that safe Apprehensive nursing staff having to care for a person treated with high doses of radioactive Iodine Why choose a career in Nuclear Medicine Anti-nuclear activists Why can't I just say 1m injecting a dye, like they do in radiography Healthcare 8 radiation protection professionals, and members of the public have the opportunity to break down the barriers and bridge the gap associated with the common misconceptions and fears related to the radiation involved in nuclear medicine, if the information is relayed with simple clarity and honesty. The presentation reviews the trials and tribulations of working with industry and community groups to break down these misconceptions and gain public support in various facets —such as a career, undertaking a diagnostic procedure, caring for a patient and support for a nuclear reactor. The presentation will review the success and pitfalls of pamphlets, videos, forums, training materials, various media and modalities utilised to communicate radiation risks to various groups and or persons.
Physical copy held by ANSTO Library at DDC: 612.01448/178.
Nuclear medicine, Radiation detectors, Australia, ANSTO, Australian organizations, Health hazards, Industry, Training
McCarthy, L. (2012). Trials and tribulations of communicating ionising radiation to the public - 30 years of reflection. Presentation to ARPS Conference Sydney 2012 : "radiation safety : bridging the gap : 14-17 October 2012, Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, NSW, (pp. 42).