Applied accelerator technology

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The Institution of Engineers Australia
Applied Accelerator Technology is a rapidly outstanding area of research. A brief description is presented of some of the specific projects that have been carried out at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization on three particle accelerators: the 10 MV tandem accelerator (ANTARES), 3 MV Van de Graaff accelerator and the 1.3 MV Van de Graaff electron accelerator.
Physical copy held by ANSTO Library at DDC 621.48/91
ANSTO, ANTARES Tandem Accelerator, Ion implantation, Isotope dating, Isotope production, Research programs, Tracer techniques, Van de Graaff accelerators
Boldeman, J. W. (1994). Applied accelerator technology. Paper presented to the 9th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference : Nuclear energy, science and technology Pacific partnership, Sydney, Australia, May 1-6 1994. In McDonald, N. R. (ed), Proceedings, 9th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference: Nuclear energy, science & technology Pacific partnership, (pp. 353-356). Australia: The Institution of Engineers Australia.