Integration of polarised 3He infrastructure with sample environment equipment

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Australian Institute of Physics
Many challenges exist when attempting to integrate polarised 3He infrastructure with neutron beam instruments. This is often due to its sensitivity to the magnetic environment and also due to the compact geometry of many beam lines. One additional consideration is the effect that Sample Environment equipment can have on the functionality of a particular polarised neutron setup. We have been able to provide incident beam polarisation with two separate magnets providing fields at the sample position of up to 2 T. In addition, full polarisation analysis is possible over a temperature range of 30 mK to 800 K. To enable this, some pieces of Sample Environment equipment must be designed specifically for use with polarised 3He and in many cases modifications are necessary to accommodate the sensitive gas. We are also in the process of procuring an 8 T shielded asymmetric magnet suitable for use with polarised 3He infrastructure.
Beams, Even-odd nuclei, Helium isotopes, Isotopes, Light nuclei, Nuclei, Nucleon beams, Particle beams, Stable isotopes
D'Adam, T., Booth, N., Davidson, G., Lee, S., Manning, A., Timperon, N., & Imperia, P. (2017). Integration of polarised 3He infrastructure with sample environment equipment. Poster presented to the 41st Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, 31st January - 3rd February 2017 Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia. (pp. 77). Retrieved from: