Acid leaching and anode dissolution of graphite - moderated fuels

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Melbourne University Press on behalf of The Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Results of nitric acid leaching and anodic disintegration processing studies of two types of homogeneous graphite moderated fuels ore reported. ZN nitric acid leaching at 90-100°C appears suitable as the primary processing method, whereby uranium and thorium are obtained in solution suitable for solvent extraction. Anodic disintegration in 2N nitric acid is a satisfactory wet method of breaking down the graphite fuel assemblies, but the disintegration process does not give the required uranium and thorium recoveries. lt has not been possible to assign any electrochemical action to the anodic solution of uranium and thorium carbides.
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Leaching, Anodes, Dissolution, Graphite, Nuclear fuels, Separation processes, Fissile materials, Solvent extraction
Hyde, K. R., O'Connor, D. J., & Woodhead, J. L. (1958). Acid leaching and anode dissolution of graphite - moderated fuels. Paper present to the Australian Atomic Energy Symposium, 1958, "Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy In Australia", Sydney, June 2 to 6, 1958. In Australian Atomic Energy Symposium, 1958 : proceedings of a Symposium on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy in Australia held in Sydney from June 2 to 6, 1958. Carlton, Victoria : Melbourne University Press on behalf of the Australian Atomic Energy Commission, (pp. 420-428).