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Title: DEMON - a programme generator for problems involving ordinary differential equations.
Authors: Bennett, NW
Keywords: IBM computers
Computer codes
Differential equations
Gaussian processes
Issue Date: Aug-1965
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Bennett, N. W. (1965). Demon: a programme generator for problems involving ordinary differential equations (AAEC/E142). Lucas Heights: Australian Atomic Energy Commission Research Establishment.
Abstract: DEMON is a system designed to solve problems involving ordinary differential equations as quickly as possible. It accepts differential equations in the D — notation (that is, y' = y + y' is expressed as D2Y = Y + DY), and generates a FORTRAN programme to solve the problem. A means is provided for solving boundary equation problems. New integration methods may be defined to DEMON together with the problem. These methods may range from Predictor — Corrector to Gaussian quadrature. Non-self-starting methods are automatically started. The DEMON programme has been written in COBOL and should be suitable for any large machine. At the A.A.E.C. Research Establishment the DEMON system is working on a 32K IBM - 7040, where the time taken from completely defining the problem to receiving the results may be as short as ten minutes.
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