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Title: The strength of irradiated beryllium oxide fuelled with UO2-ThO2
Authors: Hanna, GL
Hilditch, RJ
Keywords: Beryllium oxides
Thorium oxides
Uranium oxides
Cold pressing
Hot pressing
Issue Date: Jul-1965
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Hanna, G. L. & Hilditch, R. J. (1965). The strength of irradiated beryllium oxide fuelled with UO2-ThO2. (AAEC/E140). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission.
Abstract: The mechanical strength of hot-pressed and cold-pressed and sintered dispersions of (U,Th)O2 in BeO was measured before and after irradiation using the diametral compression test. The addition of more than 5 volume per cent. (U,Th)02 lowered the unirradiated strength to about 60 per cent, of the strength of BeO. Irradiation resulted in a marked drop in strength of all coarse dispersions. Hot-pressed fine dispersions behaved similarly to coarse dispersions of the same composition but the cold-pressed fine dispersions exhibited an apparent increase of strength on irradiation. High temperatures favoured the retention of strength during irradiation,
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