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Title: An in situ study of NiTi powder sintering using neutron diffraction
Authors: Chen, G
Liss, KD
Cao, P
Keywords: Dehydrogenation
Neutron diffraction
Powder metallurgy
In-situ processing
Transition elements
Issue Date: 3-Apr-2015
Publisher: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Citation: Chen, G., Liss, K.-D., & Cao, P. (2015). An in situ study of NiTi powder sintering using neutron diffraction. Metals, 5(2), 530-546. doi:10.3390/met5020530
Abstract: This study investigates phase transformation and mechanical properties of porous NiTi alloys using two different powder compacts (i.e., Ni/Ti and Ni/TiH2) by a conventional press-and-sinter means. The compacted powder mixtures were sintered in vacuum at a final temperature of 1373 K. The phase evolution was performed by in situ neutron diffraction upon sintering and cooling. The predominant phase identified in all the produced porous NiTi alloys after being sintered at 1373 K is B2 NiTi phase with the presence of other minor phases. It is found that dehydrogenation of TiH2 significantly affects the sintering behavior and resultant microstructure. In comparison to the Ni/Ti compact, dehydrogenation occurring in the Ni/TiH2 compact leads to less densification, yet higher chemical homogenization, after high temperature sintering but not in the case of low temperature sintering. Moreover, there is a direct evidence of the eutectoid decomposition of NiTi at ca. 847 and 823 K for Ni/Ti and Ni/TiH2, respectively, during furnace cooling. The static and cyclic stress-strain behaviors of the porous NiTi alloys made from the Ni/Ti and Ni/TiH2 compacts were also investigated. As compared with the Ni/Ti sintered samples, the samplessintered from the Ni/TiH2 compact exhibited a much higher porosity, a higher close-to-total porosity, a larger pore size and lower tensile and compressive fracture strength. © 1996-2020 MDPI
Gov't Doc #: 8381
ISSN: 2075-4701
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