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Title: A medium-energy photoemission and ab-initio investigation of cubic yttria-stabilised zirconia
Authors: Cousland, GP
Cui, XY
Smith, AE
Stampf, CM
Wong, L
Tayebjee, M
Yu, DH
Triani, G
Evans, PJ
Ruppender, HJ
Jang, LY
Stampf, APJ
Keywords: Zirconium
X-ray tubes
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2014
Publisher: AIP Scitation
Citation: Cousland, G. P., Cui, X. Y., Smith, A. E., Stampfl, C. M., Wong, L., Tayebjee, M., Yu, D., Triani, G., Evans, P. J., Ruppender, H. J., Jang, L. Y., & Stampfl, A. P. J. (2014). A medium-energy photoemission and ab-initio investigation of cubic yttria-stabilised zirconia. Journal of Applied Physics, 115(14), 143502. doi:10.1063/1.4870042
Abstract: Experimental and theoretical investigations into the electronic properties and structure of cubic yttria-stabilized zirconia are presented. Medium-energy x-ray photoemission spectroscopy measurements have been carried out for material with a concentration of 8-9 mol. % yttria. Resonant photoemission spectra are obtained for a range of photon energies that traverse the L2 absorption edge for both zirconium and yttrium. Through correlation with results from density-functional theory (DFT) calculations, based on structural models proposed in the literature, we assign photoemission peaks appearing in the spectra to core lines and Auger transitions. An analysis of the core level features enables the identification of shifts in the core level energies due to different local chemical environments of the constituent atoms. In general, each core line feature can be decomposed into three contributions, with associated energy shifts. Their identification with results of DFT calculations carried out for proposed atomic structures, lends support to these structural models. The experimental results indicate a multi-atom resonant photoemission effect between nearest-neighbour oxygen and yttrium atoms. Near-edge x-ray absorption fine structure spectra for zirconium and yttrium are also presented, which correlate well with calculated Zr- and Y-4d electron partial density-of-states and with Auger electron peak area versus photon energy curve. © 2014, AIP Publishing LLC.
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ISSN: 143502
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