Numerical FE modelling of occupant injury in soil-vehicle blast interaction

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In ensuring occupant safety, analysis of blasts in soils has become increasingly important in evaluating the influence of the soil properties on the structural integrity of nearby structures. The proliferation of IED’s (improvised explosive devices) and land mines in areas where soil properties are unknown poses a significant threat to the occupants of armoured vehicle. It is therefore important to increase the accuracy of the numerical analysis by incorporating more sophisticated material models whilst maintaining mathematical tractability. The current study aims to incorporate a multi-physics blast FE simulation In LS-DYNA to investigate the interaction of soil blast with an idealised V-Hull vehicle. Using the Hybrid III Anthropomorphic Test Devices model the authors evaluated he dynamic response index (DRIz) and the head injury criterion (HIC), along with the acceleration and forces of the vehicle’s underbody, to assess the suitability of numerical modelling as a tool to optimise hull shape and reduce occupant injury. © The Authors
Injuries, Safety, Occupants, Soils, Proliferation, Explosions, Vehicles
Saleh, Michael, Smith, Richard, Shanmugam, Dinesh K, & Edwards, Lyndon. (2014). Numerical FE modelling of occupant injury in soil-vehicle blast interaction. Paper presented at the 28th International Symposium on Ballistics, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 22-26 September 2014.