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Title: Review of commercial electronic ceramic materials in Australia; 50 years onwards
Authors: Triani, G
Bryant, P
Keywords: Ceramics
Dielectric materials
Electronic equipment
Electrical insulation
Issue Date: Jan-2014
Publisher: The Australian Ceramics Association
Citation: Triani, G., & Bryant, P. (2014). Review of commercial electronic ceramic materials in Australia; 50 years onwards. Journal of the Australian Ceramics Society, 50(2), 167-175.
Abstract: This review paper will address the Australian history of electronic ceramic materials which were used primarily for their dielectric properties rather than their insulation properties. The history of these materials can be broken down into three main periods. The first period is that prior to 1950, when the electronic components industry was first set-up. The second period from approximately 1950 to 1975 involves the expansion and decline of the capacitor product lines and production capacity under the Ducon Condenser Company. The third period from approximately 1975 and continuing to the current day, involves the manufacture of piezoelectric components and devices through Ausonics Pty Ltd and a group at Plessey Ducon, which was subsequently managed in turn by its successors, Plessey Australia, GEC Marconi, Thomson Marconi and the Thales Australia companies. ©2014, The Australian Ceramic Society
Gov't Doc #: 7619
ISSN: 0004-881X
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