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Title: A brief survey of processes for heavy water production
Authors: Ryan, RK
Keywords: Heavy water
Issue Date: Feb-1967
Publisher: Australian Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Ryan, R. K. (1967). A brief survey of processes for heavy water production. (AAEC/TM-368). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission.
Abstract: A brief review is given of methods for the production of nuclear grade heavy water, including water electrolysis, distillation, and chemical exchange processes. Present world production comes mainly from the U.S.A., however Canadian plants will shortly produce much of the world supply. These plants use the H2O/H2S process, the only one developed to industrial scale. Sufficient development of the NH3/H2 process has proceeded for its use industrially. Heavy water production as a by-product of established industries appears attractive provided a process matched to the feed supply is available. There are many possible processes that have not been developed.
Gov't Doc #: 804
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