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dc.contributor.authorTremsin, AS-
dc.contributor.authorMcPhate, JB-
dc.contributor.authorVallerga, JV-
dc.contributor.authorSiegmund, OHW-
dc.contributor.authorKockelmann, W-
dc.contributor.authorParadowska, AM-
dc.contributor.authorZhang, SY-
dc.contributor.authorKelleher, J-
dc.contributor.authorSteuwer, A-
dc.contributor.authorFeller, WB-
dc.identifier.citationTremsin, A. S., McPhate, J. B., Vallerga, J. V., Siegmund, O. H. W., Kockelmann, W., Paradowska, A., Zhang, S. Y., Kelleher, J., & Feller, W. B. (2013). High-resolution strain mapping through time-of-flight neutron transmission diffraction. Materials Science Forum, 772, 9-13. doi:10.4028/
dc.description.abstractThe spatial resolution of time of flight neutron transmission diffraction was recently improved by the extension of photon/electron counting technology to imaging of thermal and cold neutrons. The development of novel neutron sensitive microchannel plates enables neutron counting with spatial resolution of ~55 um and time-of-flight accuracy of ~1 us, with efficiency as high as 70% for cold and ~40% for thermal neutrons. The combination of such a high resolution detector with a pulsed collimated neuron beam provides the opportunity to obtain a 2-dimensional map of neutron transmission spectra in one measurement. The results of our neuron transmission measurements demonstrate that maps of strains integrated along the beam propagation direction can be obtained with ~100 microstrain accuracy and spatial resolution of ~100 um providing there are sufficient neutron events collected. In this paper we describe the capabilities of the MCP neutron counting detectors and present the experimental results of 2-dimensional strain maps within austenitic steel compact tension (CT) crack samples measured at the ENGIN-X beamline of the ISIS pulsed neutron source. © 2014, Trans Tech Publications.en_AU
dc.publisherTrans Tech Publicationsen_AU
dc.subjectSpatial resolutionen_AU
dc.subjectThermal nethtronsen_AU
dc.subjectCold neutonsen_AU
dc.subjectSpatial resolutionen_AU
dc.titleHigh-resolution strain mapping through time-of-flight neutron transmission diffractionen_AU
dc.typeJournal Articleen_AU
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