High/low-moment phase transition in hexagonal Mn-Fe-P-Si compounds

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American Physical Society
Using high-resolution neutron diffraction measurements for Mn-rich hexagonal Mn-Fe-P-Si compounds, we show that the substitution of Mn for Fe on the 3f sites results in a linear decrease of the Fe/Mn(3f) magnetic moments, while the Mn(3g) magnetic moments remain constant. With increasing temperature, the Mn(3g) magnetic moments show almost no change, while the Fe/Mn(3f) moments decrease quickly when the transition temperature is approached. The reduction of the magnetic moments at the transition temperature and in the high-temperature range is discussed based on changes in interatomic distances and lattice parameters and high-temperature magnetic-susceptibility measurement. © 2012, American Physical Society.
Magnetism, Alloys, Refrigeration, Diffraction, Temperature range 0400-1000 K, Neutron diffraction
Dung, N. H., Zhang, L., Ou, Z. Q., Zhao, L., van Eijck, L., Mulders, A. M, Avdeev, M., Suard, E., van Dijk, N. H., & Brück, E. (2012). High/low-moment phase transition in hexagonal Mn-Fe-P-Si compounds. Physical Review B, 86(4), Article Number 045134. doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.86.045134