Meteorological research studies at Jervis Bay, Australia.

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Australian Atomic Energy Commission
A climatological study of the winds and temperatures from the Jervis Bay region which commenced in October 1970 has shown the presence of a coastal sea breeze and secondary bay breeze circulation system. In an attempt to define the influence of the Murray's Beach site on the local atmospheric dispersion, special smoke plume photography studies were conducted in the lower atmosphere. In June 1972 a meteorological acoustic sounding research programme was initiated at the Jervis Bay settlement. The aims of the research are to calibrate the sounder in terms of surface wind, turbulence and temperature measurements pertinent to a description of the lower atmospheric dispersion potential. Preliminary results on six months' data have shown encouraging correlations between the acoustic sounder patterns and particularly the wind direction turbulence traces.
Jervis Bay Reactor, Daily variations, Meteorology, Seawater, Climates, Earth atmosphere
Clark, G. H., & Bendun, E. O. K. (1974). Meteorological research studies at Jervis Bay, Australia (AAEC/E309). Lucas Heights, N.S.W.: Australian Atomic Energy Commission, Research Establishment.