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dc.contributor.authorMuránsky, O-
dc.contributor.authorHolden, TM-
dc.contributor.authorKirstein, O-
dc.contributor.authorJames, JA-
dc.contributor.authorParadowska, AM-
dc.contributor.authorEdwards, L-
dc.identifier.citationMuransky, O., Holden, T. M., Kirstein, O., James, J. A., Paradowska, A. M., & Edwards, L. (2013). Evaluation of residual stresses in electron-beam welded Zr2.5Nb0.9Hf Zircadyne flange mock-up of a reflector vessel beam tube flange. Journal of Nuclear Materials, 438, 154-162. doi:10.1016/j.jnucmat.2013.02.045en_AU
dc.description.abstractThe dual-phase alloy Zr2.5Nb alloy is an important nuclear material, because of its use in current and possible use in future nuclear reactors. It is, however, well-known that Zr2.5Nb weldments can fail through a time-dependent mechanism called delayed hydride cracking which is typically driven by the presence of tensile residual stresses. With a view to understanding the development of residual stresses associated with Zr2.5Nb welds the current study focuses on the evaluation of the residual stresses in a mock-up of a reactor beam tube flange made from Zr2.5Nb0.9Hf. The present results suggests that, like ferritic welds which undergo a solid-state phase transformation upon welding, Zr2.5Nb0.9Hf welds also develop high tensile residual stresses in the heat-affected zone whereas the stresses closer to the weld tip are reduced by the effects of the beta -> alpha solid-state phase transformation. © 2013, Elsevier Ltd.en_AU
dc.publisherElsevier Science BV.en_AU
dc.subjectNeutron diffractionen_AU
dc.titleEvaluation of residual stresses in electron-beam welded Zr2.5Nb0.9Hf Zircadyne flange mock-up of a reflector vessel beam tube flangeen_AU
dc.typeJournal Articleen_AU
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