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Title: Laboratory studies and development of a catalysed fluorox process for the production of UF6.
Authors: Batley, GE
Ekstrom, A
Fane, AG
Janov, J
Johnson, DA
Keywords: Reprocessing
Fluidized beds
Fluidized bed reactors
Issue Date: Jul-1974
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Batley, G. E., Ekstrom, A., Fane, A. G., Janov, J., & Johnson, D. A. (1974). Laboratory studies and development of a catalysed fluorox process for the production of uf6 (AAEC/E292). Lucas Heights, N.S.W.: Research Establishment, Australian Atomic Energy Commission.
Abstract: Laboratory studies of a catalysed Fluorox process for the production of UF6 are described. The rates of the reactions of UF4 with oxygen, of UO2F2 with hydrogen and of U03 with hydrogen were greatly increased by the presence of small quantities of platinum and other metal catalysts, thus making it possible to carry out these reactions at economical rates at temperatures significantly lower than have been used by other workers. The rates of the catalysed reactions were studied as a function of temperature, catalyst concentration and the particle size of the reactants. The conditions for the preparation of the catalyst were studied to optimise catalytic activity, and methods for the recovery of the caisajyst from the reaction mixture were also investigated. Preliminary studies in a bench-scale fluidised bed reactor have demonstrated the feasibility of using fluidised beds for the catalysed Fluorox process- The applications of these catalysed reactions to the commercial production of UF6 are discussed.
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