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Title: Thermal denitration of uranyl nitrate in a fluidised bed reactor
Authors: Fane, AG
Charlton, BG
Alfredson, PG
Keywords: Fluidized bed reactors
Uranyl nitrates
Uranium trioxide
Surface properties
Issue Date: Jul-1974
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Fane, A., Charlton, B., & Alfredson, P. (1974). The thermal denitration of uranyl nitrate in a fluidised bed reactor (AAEC/E284). Lucas Heights, N.S.W.: Australian Atomic Energy Commission Research Establishment.
Abstract: Commissioning and operating experience are described for the thermal denitration of uranyl nitrate in a 0.1 m diameter fluidised bed reactor. The effects of operating temperature, uranyl nitrate concentration and feed rate, nozzle air to liquid flow ratio, and the addition of sulphate to the feed, on the characteristics of the product and equipment performance were examined. Particle growth was a predominant feature which was strongly influenced by operating temperature. Changes in the main process variables exerted a minor influence on other properties of the product. The addition of sulphate to the uranyl nitrate feed solution produced an increase in surface area, and a decrease in pour and tap density. The wall-to-bed heat transfer coefficient was in the range 190 to 265W nf 2K-1, and shown to be an inverse function of the average particle size.
Gov't Doc #: 491
ISBN: 0642996458
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