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dc.contributor.authorEbeling, DRen_AU
dc.contributor.authorHolt, NDen_AU
dc.identifier.citationEbeling, D. R., & Holt, N. D. (1958). Calculations of thermal stresses in hifar reactor shell structure (AAEC/K194). Lucas Heights, N.S.W.: Research Establishment, Australian Atomic Energy Commission.-
dc.description.abstractThermal stresses will be included in the circular crane beam by expansion of the reactor shell. Calculations assuming 100ºF temperature difference shows that thermal stresses of about 11000 p.s.i are probable and that the combined stresses due to expansion and crane load, are close to the maximum allowable.en_AU
dc.publisherAustralian Atomic Energy Commissionen_AU
dc.subjectHIFAR Reactor-
dc.subjectReactor components-
dc.subjectThermal stresses-
dc.titleCalculations of thermal stresses in HIFAR reactor shell structureen_AU
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