On the structure of α-BiFeO3

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American Chemical Society
Polycrystalline and monocrystalline α-BiFeO3 crystals have been synthesized by solid state reaction and flux growth method, respectively. X-ray, neutron, and electron diffraction techniques are used to study the crystallographic and magnetic structure of α-BiFeO3. The present data show that α-BiFeO3 crystallizes in space group P1 with a = 0.563?17(1) nm, b = 0.563?84(1) nm, c = 0.563?70(1) nm, α = 59.33(1)°, ? = 59.35(1)°, ? = 59.38(1)°, and the magnetic structure of α-BiFeO3 can be described by space group P1 with magnetic modulation vector in reciprocal space q = 0.0045a* ? 0.0045b*, which is the magnetic structure model proposed by I. Sosnowska(1) applied to the new P1 crystal symmetry of α-BiFeO3. © 2013, American Chemical Society
Neutron diffraction, Iron, Crystals, Electron diffraction, Crystallography, Bismuth
Wang, H., Yang, C., Lu, J., Wu, M., Su, J., Li, K., Zhang, J., Li, G., Jin, T., Kamiyama, T., Liao, F., Lin, J., & Wu, Y. (2013). On the structure of α-BiFeO3. Inorganic Chemistry, 52(5), 2388-2392. doi:10.1021/ic302047z