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Title: PDP11ASM and PDP11SIM : a PDP11 assembler and a PDP11 simulator to run on an IBM360 computer
Authors: Cox, GW
Keywords: Computer codes
IBM computers
PDP computers
Issue Date: Nov-1972
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Cox, G. W. (1972). Pdp11asm and psp11sim : a pdp11 assembler and a pdp11 simulator to run on an ibm360 computer. (AAEC/E243). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission, Research Establishment. Powered by
Abstract: Variations in entrained air in mineral slurries cause errors in on-stream X-ray analysis for element concentration in the slurry solids. Complete elimination of entrained air may not always be practicable, particularly for radioisotope X-ray techniques where probes are immersed directly into existing plant slurry vessels through which the whole process stream flows. Calculations of the effect of entrained air on precision of analysis show that X-ray preferential absorption techniques are usually much more affected than X-ray fluorescence techniques. Calculations agree reasonably well with results of plant trials of on-stream analysis. Errors in analysis using radioisotope immersion probes should in most cases be within limits acceptable for plant control.
Gov't Doc #: 236
ISBN: 0642995338
Other Identifiers: AAEC-E-243
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