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Title: Uranium silicide fuel elements in heavy water moderated natural uranium reactors
Authors: McCulloch, DB
Whitfield, JH
Keywords: Uranium silicides
Heavy water
Natural uranium reactors
Fuel element clusters
Reactor lattices
PHWR type reactors
BWR type reactors
Issue Date: Jul-1972
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: McCulloch, D. B., & Whitfield, J. H. (1972). Uranium silicide fuel elements in heavy water moderated natural uranium reactors. (AAEC/E233). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission.
Abstract: Some aspects of using natural uranium silicide fuel elements in heavy water moderated reactors are studied with particular attention to reactivity limited fuel burnup. Both pressurised heavy water cooled and boiling light water cooled reactor types are considered. It is shown that with suitable redesign of the fuel element and/or pressure tube geometry to take advantage of the thermal properties of U3Si, substantial improvements in fuel burnup may be expected in comparison with similar U02 fuelled reactors.
Gov't Doc #: 232
ISBN: 0642994730
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