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Title: Development and characterisation of a small mass H2/Fe graphitisation line
Authors: Varley, S
Williams, AA
Nguyen, TH
Keywords: Mass
Issue Date: 24-Mar-2011
Publisher: 12th International Conference on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
Citation: Varley, S., Williams, A., Nguyen, T., (2011).Development and Characterisation of a small mass H2/Fe graphitisation. Paper presented at the 12th International Conference on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS 12), 20th - 25th March 2011. Museum of New Zealand: Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington, New Zealand.
Abstract: We will present the commissioning data for our prototype, small volume, conventional graphitisation line and a comparison will made with our 2.5 mL general purpose graphitisation lines. This new graphitisation line has an internal volume of ~1.1 mL and uses the H2/Fe graphitisation method. An Impress ME506 ceramic diaphragm pressure sensor is used in a custom stainless steel housing, which also incorporates the gas inlet valve and Ultratorr® style ports for connection of a replaceable graphitisation tube and cold finger. A custom designed, water cooled,resistance heated tube furnace is used to heat the Fe catalyst / reaction volume. To use with the new graphitisation line we have developed a small volume CO2 transfer line, which allows transfers from the sample combustion tube directly into the graphitisation line unit. This new transfer line has been developed using CF UHV fittings to minimise the possibility of sample contamination and leaks. Information will also be presented on a water-cooled, Peltier based chiller unit which is used to freeze out, at -52ºC, the water produced in the H2/Fe reaction. Protocols have been developed to minimise (and standardise) the quantity of the background carbon incorporated in the overall processing of the sample into graphite. Copyright (c) 2011 AMS12
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