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Title: Preparation of inorganic polymer sorbents and their application in radionuclide generator technology
Authors: Le, VS
Nguyen, CD
Bui, VC
Vo, CH
Keywords: Inorganic polymers
Radioisotope generators
Zirconium tungstates
Titanium tungstates
Radiation flux
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2009
Publisher: International Atomic Energy Agency
Citation: Le V.S., Nguyen C. D.,Bui V. C., Vo, C. H., (2009) Preparation of inorganic polymer sorbents and their application in radionuclide generator technology. In Therapeutic Radionuclide Generators: 90Sr/90Y and 188W/188Re Generators, 217-233. Vienna: International Atomic Energy Agency.
Series/Report no.: Technical Reports Series;470
Abstract: Absorbents based on poly zirconium compound (PZC) and poly titanium compound (PTC) were synthesized for the preparation of 188W/188Re generators. The chemical composition, molecular structure and physicochemical characteristics of these adsorbents were investigated. The adsorption properties of PZC and PTC sorbents in different tungstate solutions and the elution performance were investigated. Tungsten adsorption capacities of about 520 mg of tungsten per gram of PZC and 515 mg of tungsten per gram of PTC and a 188Re elution yield greater than 80% for both PZC and PTC sorbents were achieved. A 188Re eluate concentration process was developed by eluting 188Re from the tandem system of 188W-PTC-alumina columns with two different concentrations of saline solution, which gave a concentration factor of about 6. The technology developed can be used for the preparation of clinically applicable 188W/188Re generators using low specfic radioactivity 188W produced in medium flux research reactors. Copyright 2009 © IAEA. All rights reserved
Gov't Doc #: 3521
ISBN: 9789201114082
ISSN: 0074-1914
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