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Title: LUBRA - a code to calculate point and group cross sections, effective resonance integrals and doppler coefficients for reasonable absorbers in homogeneous reactors, using Breit-Wigner single-level resonance parameters.
Authors: Kletzmayr, EK
Issue Date: Oct-1966
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Abstract: The LUBRA complex of codes is designed to produce (i) point cross sections, (ii) infinitely dilute resonance integrals, (iii) effective resonance integrals based on the different approximations presently available and optionally modified to include particle size effects, (iv) Doppler coefficients, also based on the various models, and (v) group averaged cross sections, using Breit-Wigner single—level resonance parameters and other basic data only. The complex currently comprises five individual programmes coded in FORTRAN IV for an IBM 7040 computer and linked together by a specialised monitor system to permit the use of LUBRA as a single entity.
Gov't Doc #: 425
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