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Title: The effect of neutron irradiation on beryllium metal.
Authors: Hickman, BS
Stevens, GT
Keywords: Irradiation
Mechanical properties
Issue Date: Jun-1963
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Hickman, B. S., & Stevens, G. T. (1963). The effect of neutron irradiation on beryllium metal. (AAEC/E109). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission.
Abstract: This report summarises all the results obtained to date from a programme on the effects of neutron irradiation on the properties of beryllium metal. Results are presented on changes in density and mechanical properties in material fabricated by various routes and irradiated to fast neutron doses from 1019 nvt to 6 x 1023 nvt and at temperatures in the range 75ºC — 700ºC, Summaries of electron microscopy observations and electrical resistivity measurements, which are reported in more detail elsewhere., are also given, It is concluded that all the observed property changes can be interpreted in terms of the distribution of helium which is produced by fast neutron transmutation reactions in beryllium and that damage due to defect production is negligible for irradiation temperatures of 75ºC and above. Density changes duetoheiium bubble formation are shown to be very small but serious deterioration of mechanical properties can occur. The mechanical property changes and the distribution of helium are shown to be very dependent on material history and on the irradiation temperature. The standard Lucas Heights hot extruded material is shown to retain good mechanical properties for irradiation temperatures above 550ºC but serious loss of low temperature ductility is found to occur for irradiation temperatures below 500ºC, particularly in the range 300 — 500ºC, it is concluded that nucleation of gas bubbles at precipitate particles is the only satisfactory explanation of the wide variations in behaviour of beryllium metal fabricated by various methods.
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