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Title: The Finniss River: a natural laboratory of mining impact- past present and future.
Authors: Markich, SJ
Jeffree, RA
Issue Date: Aug-2002
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Abstract: The Rum Jungle uranium-copper mine in tropical northern Australia has been a source of acid rock drainage contaminants since the 1950s which have had adverse impacts on the receiving waters of the Finniss River. Mine site remediation began in 1982 followed by long-term monitoring of water quality and flow based on daily measurements within the Finniss River system. A decade or more after the initiation of these remedial activities a set of investigations have been completed that have measured the post-remedial ecological status of the Finniss River system relative to this environmental benchmark. These studies have also been complemented by studies on various other ecological endpoints. Moreover the Finniss River system has provided unique opportunities for broader scientific goals to be pursued. Because it has been so well-monitored it can be viewed as a natural laboratory to investigate the impacts of acid rock drainage on tropical freshwater biodiversity. The scientific papers presented at this symposium address a broad spectrum of issues that are directly related to environmental sustainability and mining. The topics range across future contaminant scenarios and their predicted ecological impacts the various metrics used to assess ecological detriment to biodiversity the abilities of laminated biological structures to act as archives of pollution history and also spin-off applications in environmental and wildlife management. Furthermore the participation of many stakeholders in open discussion during the symposium provided an important set of views and opinions on the needs for future studies in the Finniss River system.
Gov't Doc #: 406
ISBN: 0642599955
ISSN: 10307745
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