Some major design parameters for the H.T.G.C. reactor project

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Australian Atomic Energy Commission.
(a) Based on economic considerations approximate estimates of various H.T.G.C.R. parameters have been made. The Paper is not an exhaustive design study but does endeavour to determine reasonable starting points. Values of these parameters prove to be: Maximum Gas Temperature = 500ºC - 600ºC Minimum Gas Temperature = about 250ºC Fuel Burn Up = 100% - 150% (with fissile material at £5,000/Kg). = 2005 - 250% (with fissile material at £20,000/Kg). Gas Pressure Ratio = 1.10 - 1.25 (b) There are two regions of maximum gas temperature in which it might be worthwhile to concentrate, namely, 500ºC - 600ºC with steam turbines or 800ºC(+) with gas turbines. It appears questionable that temperatures between these two regions should be considered unless the installed cost per KW of the two types of installation are significantly different.
HTGR type reactors, Design, Burnup, Fissile materials, Gas turbines
Roberts, W. H. (1958). Some major design parameters for the H.T.G.C. reactor project. (AAEC/E. 10). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission.