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Title: Fabrication and properties of recycled cellulose fibre-reinforced epoxy composites.
Authors: Low, IM
Somers, J
Kho, HS
Davies, IJ
Latella, BA
Keywords: Epoxides
Fracture properties
Composite materials
Reinforced materials
Issue Date: 2-Apr-2012
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: Low, I. M., Somers, J., Kho, H. S., Davies, I. J., & Latella, B. A. (2012). Fabrication and properties of recycled cellulose fibre-reinforced epoxy composites. Composite Interfaces, 16(7-9), 659-669. doi:10.1163/092764409X12477417562210
Abstract: Epoxy matrix composites reinforced with recycled cellulose fibre (RCF) were fabricated and characterized with respect to their flexural and impact properties. Reinforcement of the epoxy by RCF resulted in a significant increase in the strain at failure, fracture toughness and impact toughness but only a moderate increase in flexural strength and flexural modulus. The effect of accelerated exposure to seawater on the flexural and impact properties was also investigated. The salient toughening mechanisms and crack-tip failure processes were identified and discussed in light of observed microstructures, in particular the orientation of RCF sheets to the applied load. © 2020 Informa UK Limited
Gov't Doc #: 1599
ISSN: 0927-6440
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