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Title: Thermal expansion of solutions of deuteromethane in fullerite C60 at low temperatures. Isotopic effect
Authors: Dolbin, AV
Vinnikov, NA
Gavrilko, VG
Esel'son, VB
Manzheliĭ, VG
Gadd, GE
Moricca, S
Cassidy, DJ
Sundqvist, B
Keywords: Thermal expansion
Cobalt 60
Phase transformations
Cell differentiation
Issue Date: Mar-2009
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Citation: Dolbin, A. V., Vinnikov, N. A., Gavrilko, V. G., Esel'son, V. B., Manzheliĭ, V. G., Gadd, G. E., Morrica, S., Cassidey, D., & Sundqvist, B. (2009). Thermal expansion of solutions of deuteromethane in fullerite c-60 at low temperatures. Isotopic effect. Low Temperature Physics, 35(3), 226-231. doi:10.1063/1.3081155
Abstract: The thermal expansion of CD4 solutions in the orientational glass C60 with molar concentration of deuteromethane 20 and 50% has been investigated in the temperature range 2.5–23 K. The orientational glass CD4–C60 undergoes a first-order phase transition in the temperature interval 4.5–55 K. This transition is manifested as hysteresis of the linear thermal expansion coefficient α as well as maxima in the temperature dependences α(T) and τ1(T), where τ1 is the characteristic thermalization time of the experimental samples. The characteristic re-orientation times of the C60 molecules and the characteristic phase transformations occurring in the experimental solutions are determined. The results of the present study are compared with the results of a similar study of the solution CH4–C60. It is concluded that tunneling rotation of the CH4 and CD4 molecules occupying interstitial positions in the fullerite C60 lattice occurs. © 2009, American Institute of Physics
Gov't Doc #: 1266
ISSN: 1063-777X
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