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Title: Baseline environmental radon survey at Lake Way, Western Australia, September 1979.
Authors: O'Brien, BG
Whittlestone, S
Keywords: Radon
Western Australia
Daughter products
Emanation method
Issue Date: Apr-1981
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: O'Brien, B., & Whittlestone, S. (1981). Baseline environmental radon survey at Lake Way, Western Australia, September 1979 (AAEC/E509). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission.
Abstract: A survey of radon and radon daughters in the air has been made at and within a few kilometres of the possible uranium mine near Millbillillie at the northern edge of Lake Way, Western Australia. The data have been correlated with meteorological measurements taken concurrently with the radon survey. In addition radon emanation rates and radon levels in water have been measured at a broad range of sites to define more closely the magnitude and extent of radon in the environment.
Gov't Doc #: 182
ISBN: 0642597073
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