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Title: Meteorological and radiation measurements at Nabarlek, Northern Territory, June to July 1979
Authors: Clark, GH
Davy, DR
Bendun, EOK
O'Brien, BG
Keywords: Northern Territory
Radiation monitoring
Uranium mines
Issue Date: Sep-1981
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Clark, G. H., Davy, D. R., Bendun, E. O. K., & O'Brien, B. (1981). Meteorological and radiation measurements at Nabarlek, Northern Territory, June to July 1979. (AAEC/E505) Lucas Heights N.S.W.: Australian Atomic Energy Commission Research Establishment.
Abstract: A meteorological and radiation measurement program was conducted near the then developing uranium mine at Nabarlek in the Northern Territory. The two-filter tube radiation measuring technique was checked and compared with the continuous radon monitor and instant working level meter techniques. In general the Nabarlek meteorology was characterised by weak stable layers and good ventilation conditions with winds rarely less than 1ms -1. A comparison of wind measurements made near the open pit with those taken some 800 m away gave evidence of horizontal changes in the wind field over the site. Strong daytime winds gusting higher than 10 ms -1 caused a visible suspension of dust from the site. Dust deposition samples indicated that thorium-230 in air on site was a factor of twelve below the maximum permissible concentration for employees in Australia but uranium was lower by several orders of magnitude. The concentrations of radioactivity in the aquatic food pathway external radiation levels and radon daughter concentrations from deposited dust were likewise at least two orders of magnitude below the maximum concentrations permissible in Australia.
Gov't Doc #: 176
ISBN: 0642597197
Other Identifiers: AAEC-E-505
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